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Hollow Core

A Hollow Core plank is a prefabricated slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors & roofs in residential and commercial applications. The slabs are typically 4 feet wide with standard thicknesses of 8" and 12”.

The planks are produced in our plant using an Ultra Span machine. This process involves extruding zero slump concrete using high vibration for consolidation. The continuous slab is then cut after curing, to the lengths required. Plant production provides the obvious advantages of reduced time and labor.

Hollow Core plank has many advantages, two advantages of hollow core are sound attenuation and thermal mass for energy savings.

As an extruded product, Hollow Core does not lend itself to casting in of steel plates, does not have a formed finish on the sides, nor does the top finish lend itself to being troweled or raked.  In general, it is expected that the Hollow Core will be covered by a membrane or a topping. When edges, top, or ends of Hollow Core are exposed, customer should consider concealing these surfaces, since the side and top finishes are an extruded concrete finish and ends are sawcut.  

8" Hollow Core                                                       12" Hollow Core

 8" Hollow Core                                         12" Hollow Core

 Hollow Core Dimensions      

8" Hollow Core AutoCAD

12" Hollow Core  AutoCAD

Hollow Core Installation Brochure

Hollow Core Brochure

Hollow Core Garage Floor