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Building Systems


Concrete, a time-tested material, offers maximum design flexibility with a virtually limitless set of colors, textures & shapes.

Architectural precast concrete has quietly revolutionized the built environment, from city centers to industrial parks, creating a dramatic range of architectural expression throughout the Northwest.  Since its inception, Oldcastle Precast has been a leader in the precast industry, bringing superior service and quality to the design, manufacture and construction of this flexible and enduring building material.  Architects, builders, and owners look to Oldcastle Precast to help realize precast’s fullest potential in their projects.


PRODUCTS : Benefits of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a highly efficient, practical method of concrete construction that makes beautiful buildings possible at a cost that rivals even the most utilitarian industrial building.

Design-Build Efficiency: Precast concrete provides an efficient delivery model for your project, allowing building construction to proceed while the design is developed.

The clearest advantage of architectural precast is found in the virtually limitless design potential that can be achieved with its use.  Custom-made forms are used to create concrete panels in the precise sizes and shapes specified by the designer. These forms introduce reveals, joints, patterns, and other expressive detailing to the panel surface.

Specific color effects can be achieved through varying sands, aggregates, and pigments. And textures can be customized through the use of differing levels of sandblast treatments. Additionally, stone, tile or brick veneers can be attached or cast into or even replicated in architectural precast panels at the plant, allowing designers to achieve additional dramatic visual effects at minimal additional cost.

Environmentally Friendly: An inherent characteristic of precast concrete is its natural resistance to mold, greatly reducing health concerns from VOCs and off gassing. With these environmentally friendly advantages, precast concrete satisfies a growing demand for sustainable design and construction. Additionally, precast concrete structures are completely recyclable making their impact on the environment minimal.

Energy Efficiency: The thermal mass inherent to precast concrete lends itself to energy efficiency and reduces the heating and cooling peaks and loads; often necessitating less costly mechanical systems. The national Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates improved energy performance in commercial buildings, and recognizes the effect thermal mass contributes to reducing heating and cooling loads.

Sound Control: Enjoy the added benefit of the sound reduction properties of precast concrete where the mass absorbs the sound; contrasted with wood or steel frame buildings which allow extra noise through.

Element Resistant: Precast concrete structures provide superior resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects, and mold. Like no other building material, its resistance to wind damage, fire, earthquakes, termites, decay, mold and mildew provides lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Maintenance: The exterior of a precast concrete structure can be left unpainted without damage from the elements. Precast concrete interiors are less subject to damage than other building systems and are easier to clean.

Oldcastle Precast Architectural Precast Solutions combine the benefits of high durability, low maintenance, excellent fire resistance and energy efficiency.  This powerful combination makes architectural precast concrete an ideal solution for any project, where emphasis is on prestige, luxury and aesthetic appeal, or lower-rise offices and commercial structures, where economy and durability are paramount.

Architectural precast solutions are economical to produce, erect, and maintain. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by taking full advantage of the economies of scale made possible by precast concrete panel manufacturing techniques. Early consultation with Oldcastle Precast will help assure the most cost-effective approach to achieving the design vision.

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Wall Systems

The Wall Systems are produced in a PCI Certified plant to assure precise quality control standards. They are built quickly in the plant, and are installed by experienced field personnel. Wall Systems products by Oldcastle Precast are high quality and will meet your construction budget and time frame. See below for specifications regarding Wall Systems.

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